18 September 2010

Three Guys, Some Beer, and a Friday Night

I need to do that more often.

For the first time in I-don't-know-how-long, this past Friday I went out with the guys - specifically, with a couple of expat guys who teach English at a school I used to work at.  We went to a bar in Osaka, had a few beers, sat at one of the sidewalk tables and just enjoyed the Osaka night.  I was buzzed after just two beers.  Yeah, weak, I know, but I hadn't had any alcohol for two months before last night.

I forgot how much fun it can be to hang out with some expats.  Before Friday I could count on less than two fingers how many times I've spoken in person to a non-Japanese person since March.  I wasn't really bothered by that; after all, if you are going to live in Japan, might as well interact with Japanese people, right?  But there's something about hanging out with people who fluently speak the language you are fluent in, who have common interests and somewhat common backgrounds.  That is something I should try not to neglect.