12 September 2010

Green Thumb Is Still There

Did some container gardening today.  Fall is around the corner, so I planted a long container of baby leaf lettuce.  I'm very excited about that, because I haven't had (eatable) lettuce on my balcony since about May.  Thanks to aphids and the brutal Osaka summer, it was impossible to keep the lettuce growing all year.  That was sad, because I came to like going out on the balcony, picking some leaves, and making real fresh salad.  Those days are almost here again.

So now my balcony container garden consists of a container of baby leaf lettuce (not yet sprouted), two containers of timothy grass for Hoppy, a container of oats for Hoppy, a container of lemongrass, some ivy, and a small tree (and I have no idea what kind of tree it is).

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