26 September 2010

Summer's Gone!

Yes, indeed.  The weather has finally gotten cooler.

It was a hot one here in Japan this summer, and I hated every minute of it.  I work at a school that is not fully air conditioned, and it's amazing how a hot and humid public school, packed with naughty teenagers, can really sap all the energy out of a man.

This week was the week the weather changed... and right on cue, it happened on the autumnal equinox - September 23rd.  Banzai!

Work was tough this week.  My class schedule is basically packed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on those days I have no time for anything but teaching and grading papers.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are lighter, so I have time for planning lessons for the next week, making PowerPoint presentations, etc.  However, this past week there were national holidays on Monday and Thursday.  In addition, on Tuesday the school ran a Monday schedule.  Therefore, all week from clock in to clock out, I was running around all day, trying to do everything with the limited time I had outside of classes.  I'm still worn out from that.

Luckily I was able to unwind by doing some container gardening.  In anticipation of fall, I planted some loose-leaf lettuce seeds a couple of weeks ago.  The weather stayed hotter longer than I thought, but now that it has been cool for a few days, the first seedlings have popped out of the dirt.  I'll share some pictures when they get a little bigger.

And if you were starting to question my manhood (Which sex do you think did most of the gardening in the history of mankind?), I saw some Falcons highlights on the Internet this weekend, too.  Great game against Arizona.  I'm looking forward to the Falcons-Saints game today.


  1. As i was passing from blog to blog, i found this one, and you were writing something about Japan. I've always liked their culture, just never had an opportunity to actually know what it's like from someone who has been there.
    So, i've added you to the "following" list :)
    Hope to see more about it all :)

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