27 February 2010

Goodbye to Facebook?

Well, the past few weeks I've been giving Facebook another shot, but I don't know... maybe it's not for me. I guess I would like it more if I did mobile posting. I see a lot of my Facebook friends using their iPhone or Blackberry or cell phone to post messages about what they're doing. But it costs me every time I send a post via cell phone, so I don't want to do that.

But another thing is this: I don't really feel the need to tell everybody what I'm doing every hour, or what I eat or buy or wear. Facebook works well when people are giving details of every facet of their lives, and their friends can follow along. Me... I don't feel a need to describe everything I do. In fact, what is there to describe? My life is quite boring. Except for work and travel, I do nothing. My wife is the more interesting person in my marriage, but of course she doesn't allow me to talk much about her or post pictures of her.

So, all I can really talk about is work or travel. And usually I have a lot to say about those things, more than the little box in Facebook is designed for. So this blog is probably better suited for that.

I will say one good thing about Facebook: because of it, I've been able to reconnect with a lot of people I've met over the years. Friends and co-workers I met in Japan, people from college, friends I had a good time with in high school in Hawaii, and a friend that really made an impact on me in my one year of high school in Atlanta (she probably does not realize how much). I even reconnected with a dude I was friends with in elementary school! How about that.


  1. I don't think your life is boring at all! I think it's so cool that you live in Japan; a lot of people would not have the courage to give up life in their home country and try it out somewhere thousands of miles away. And I always enjoy hearing about your travels and funny things that happen at school.

    BUT, you shouldn't feel like you HAVE to do Facebook. But, please don't close your account! You can just neglect it until a time comes that it will serve you better. I have a number of friends on there who never post (including my mom and my husband), but it's nice to know I have a way of reaching them. And it's nice to "catch up" the rare times they do post something.

    I think with so much technology anymore it can be a little overwhelming. But you're smart to take stock of what works best for you. And Facebook may work for you again at some point; maybe you just need some space in your relationship with it LOL! :-D

  2. Jen, yeah, maybe Facebook is still overwhelming for me. Don't worry; I will keep my Facebook account open. There are so many people I've reconnected with (like you!) so I want to keep that avenue open. You are probably right. I will probably end up using Facebook again sometime.