13 August 2010

Update, August 13, 2010

Ah yeah, it's Obon time.  Obon is a Japanese "holiday" (not sure of the best word to use here... yep, I'm an English teacher) in August.  Almost all Japanese have a couple of days off during Obon.  This year it's today and Monday sandwiched around the weekend.  Traditionally, Japanese people go back to their hometowns during Obon and pay respect to their deceased family members and ancestors.  But my wife and I don't do anything like that.  We just chill at home, rent some movies from TSUTAYA or something like that.  So that's what I'm doing now... just chillin'. 

Earlier I was looking at some other blogs on the 'Net, and I gotta admit, people have got a lot of time on their hands!  It took me 15 minutes to write everything up to this point in this post - I'm not kidding.  I take too much time thinking about what I want to write, then I write it.  And my blog stuff is pretty crappy, if I say so myself.  But some people put together these nice blogs, with long posts and a bunch of pictures and stuff.  Must have taken them hours just to write one post!

Maybe that's my problem.  Maybe I don't need to think about what I write.  I just need to write it.  I might end up saying something I really don't want to share with y'all, but hey...at least I would be able to update my blog every day.


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